Tatang started his artist career when he was involved in the street art scenes in Yogyakarta. His intrigued quest on the condition of fine art in recent years, gave birth to the achievements of technical exploration and his medium of choice was presented at his solo exhibition some time ago at Kedai Kebun Forum, Yogyakarta. He uses animals such as deer, featured as limp and helpless in the hands of a hunter as a symbol of artists who tend to ignore toward their art as they are dealing with other demands. According to him, the excessive appreciation of works of art, will only resulted in artworks merely as a game animal. It’s no longer viewed from the artistic and moral values deemed to be conveyed by the artist.
His restlessness was later also shown on his choice to use chalk that has a tendency to fade quickly to represents the attitude of an artist that always required to constantly learn and explore. For him, an artist need to try a lot of things even as far as some changes in the character of their artworks.

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