For Iyok, working is like writing a journal, which can be written anywhere. That is why his early works tends to be illustrative, and two-dimensional medium are ones he used most often. The selection of medium depends heavily on the theme that he want to have, as each medium has different characteristics and the ability to more effectively express ideas.
The themes that he took into his works are the themes of everyday life, everything that he like and familiar with, it may be simple, and sometimes it even personal. Theme of fashion and music are often the main focus in the process of his work, as he involved in several musical groups. However it did not rule out the other theme of his works. As for him, music and fashion, in addition to close to his world, they also have a history behind each one. And both have close ties with the arts. With such theme he freer to experiment with a variety of media such as canvas, silkscreen, and stencil on a neon box.

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