HeHe is one of the young Indonesian artists generation of early 2000 who were born mostly in early 1980s, HeHe then started to make his own way up in 2007 with his first solo at ViaVia café. Since the beginning he’s always been interested in working with painting, drawing, resin toys, with premises based on his experiences in everyday life and issues of contemporary culture.

HeHe maintains his signature childlike, surreal characters and crash colour harmony. The works are full of them. Most of them are objects that all have characters and personalities as if they are all alive. The land is imaginary but I can’t be said as ‘unreal’ or completely a fantasy. It exists, as we can do things and interact inside. It even can make us feel. It replaces the supernatural world as our second reality. To some others it even becomes a second life.

Embraces his artworks with friendliness and fun, a kind of acceptance and openness of new possibilities and potentials, while also still being aware of its ironies and distance, while moving on with his existence in the real world that can be the same on one side but also completely different on the other, in terms of absurdities and abnormalities.

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