Fashion, music, and life style are things which usually I raise in reading of a narrative with many kinds of topic such as social, personal, and general. By using that viewpoint I usually remake the meaning from the narrative that has been existed, mix to new meaning styled by me. Then it’ll be executed by collage method, silkscreen or well known Indonesia as ‘sablon’, drawing, painting by many kinds of media it can be 2D or 3D.
That method I choose for moving objects but i still maintain the original figure then I response with my drawing and painting. By having printmaking and rock music player. And all that i call fine art rock.
Visual artist with part time rocker who concern about reuse and recycle things, second hand, vintage, flea market, assemblage, found object as source for the artwork media in 2D, 3D  and also using media band as performance project. To put fashion, music and lifestyle in issue with populair culture way. And named as fine art rock


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